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Understanding how Forged® handles your order from start to finish is easy to explain, but quite complex if you knew how everything worked behind the scenes. All of our team members have a unique roll that plays an important part in the machine that we refer to as our Shipping Department. Please read on to understand the various features available to you, and what to expect throughout the fulfillment process.

From the moment that you submit your order online, and it is logged into our system, a process begins. An order number is generated, and a confirmation email is sent to the address that you entered upon checkout. Recognizing the confirmation email is not very difficult. Simply go to your inbox, and look for an email that was would have been received from 'Forged®' The subject line will display the following text -'Order Confirmation For Order #5326-.......' Once you receive this email, your ability to track your order's progress becomes a little bit easier.

After you have received your order confirmation email, and the order number assigned, you will then have an identity within our system that can be recalled for most things that you would ever want to do. Change your order, update the shipping address, add to your order, or simply check on its status. To check on the status of your order, it does not require you to send in an email to our Customer Service Department. Although our staff is always happy to assist you in the event that you have a question or concern, checking on your order status is very easy to do on your own!

Have you ever noticed the grey bar that runs along the top of There are a few different options to choose from up there, but one of them probably gets used more than any other function on our site. The TRACK MY ORDER feature that we have made available to you, offers all of the information that you could ever need about your recent order. Learn about the information that you entered during checkout; the products and sizes, your shipping address, billing address, and the status which explains where your order is at in the fulfillment process. 

Once on the
TRACK MY ORDER page, you will need to provide both your ORDER NUMBER and the EMAIL ADDRESS that was used at the time you placed your order, if you would like to see 'real time' information about the products that will be making their way to your address soon thereafter. If these two pieces of information are entered into the fields correctly, simply click on the large red button that displays, 'LOOK UP ORDER STATUS'. Once the information has been processed, the screen will auto-scroll downward, and the information concerning your order will be revealed. 


*Check back later tonight for additional tips, and information on how to understand the fulfillment process in its entirety. We will explain how your order is packed and placed on our dock, tracking numbers, how to follow the transit of your package, and what to do if you have any questions. 


  • Chad: August 13, 2014

    I understand the wait and I don’t mind, however my order says “unfulfilled” and has said that since 08/03. Per your notes below, it should say processing.

  • Doug: August 13, 2014

    The shirts will get here when they get here, not important. The important thing is that we are helping Taya and the kids. By the way ken I ordered 3. Lol. Best $100 I ever spent!!

  • Dedra Rogers: August 10, 2014
    How cool is it that u guys are doing this for Mr.Kyle’s family!! I was reading the story to my husband(former Marine) about the story behind the LEGEND shirt and he said, “now that’s cool”. Still good people in the world!! Our hats off to you and the Kyle family.
  • Matty: August 09, 2014

    Make stickers, hats, and more stuff for me to spend $$$ on….#supportTayaKyle…

  • Rich: August 09, 2014

    I bought the shirt to support the Kyle family. If it shows up sooner or later doesn’t make a difference to me. Thanks for doing this and for giving all of us an opportunity to express or gratitude to the Kyle family for all they have done and continue to do. I look forward to wearing the shirt proudly.

  • Ken: August 08, 2014

    You only ordered one shirt Ryan? Come on man, dig deep. Haha

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As you may already know, the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted what we all knew previously to be our normal way of life. Much like you, we have also had to make adjustments here on our end to accommodate this change. We have been working around the clock to implement safeguards within our distribution center, and are pleased to say that we are confident in the steps that we have taken to keep our family of staff safe and healthy.

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