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Forged was born on the Battlefield of Iraq in late 2006. During an intense fire fight in the streets of Ramadi, Iraq, a teammate and close friend sustained catastrophic injuries that left massive burns, and later led to the amputation of one of his limbs. When the team returned stateside, Forged and a few teammates decided to create a tribute shirt to honor their wounded Brother, and to raise some much needed money to help with his recovery. This is where it all began… 

Since day one Forged has given back to the community that has molded it into what it is today. A portion of every sale is donated to several military affiliated, non-profit 501(c)3 organizations to help wounded veterans and their families cope during times of recovery. We also create specific tribute t-shirts to honor our fallen Brothers who paid the ultimate sacrifice. A percentage of each tribute t-shirt sold is donated to the Navy SEAL Foundation or a specific charity in their Honor. Forged prides itself by partnering with highly ranked military affiliated, non-profit organizations to continue giving back, just as it began doing so long ago.

The early support from the military and CrossFit communities has been the key contribution to why Forged has had the unique ability to climb the industry ladder so aggressively. The essence of Forged has always been, and will forever remain deeply rooted in the SEAL Brotherhood and CrossFit community. Without all of our loyal fans and supporters, none of our success would be possible.

Please be sure to follow us through our Social channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for special announcements or news about FORGED, and what we have going on next!

We appreciate your support!

-Long live the Brotherhood


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