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    Exclusive Taya Kyle Interview by Forged®

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    The motion picture American Sniper was released to a nationwide audience in January and has been nominated for six awards, including: Best Actor, Best Picture, Film Editing, Sound Editing, Sound Mixing and Best Writing.

    In an exclusive interview with Forged, Taya Kyle --- the widow of Chris Kyle, to whom the movie pays tribute --- shared her thoughts and feelings on American Sniper, as well the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation.

    Remembering September 11th - 13 Years Later

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    As we look back and remember the horrific events of September 11, 2001, and the almost 3000 lives lost on American soil, we stop to honor and memorialize those who were lost on that fateful morning 13 years ago.


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    So... on our last post we discussed the ordering process a bit, and how you can access the website to track your order. Now we will continue forward with what happens next, once you enter your information into the fields on the TRACK MY ORDER page. 


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    Understanding how Forged® handles your order from start to finish is easy to explain, but quite complex if you knew how everything worked behind the scenes. All of our team members have a unique roll that plays an important part in the machine that we refer to as our Shipping Department. Please read on to understand the various features available to you, and what to expect throughout the fulfillment process.

    Behind the Scenes: The Legend Campaign

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    Ever wanted to know what happens behind the scenes at Forged®? Thanks to an amazing response from YOU to help support Taya Kyle and the Chris Kyle estate, we are working overtime to pack up and ship out thousands of t-shirts that have been ordered during 'The Legend' campaign!