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Behind the Scenes: The Legend Campaign

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Ever wanted to know what happens behind the scenes at Forged®? Thanks to an amazing response from YOU to help support Taya Kyle and the Chris Kyle estate, we are working overtime to pack up and ship out thousands of t-shirts that have been ordered during 'The Legend' campaign! 

While we would like to be testing out UAV delivery systems to ship out t-shirts like Amazon, we are still using human hands in the warehouses here at Forged®. Our regular staff, in addition to a few local volunteers, are elbows deep to try and fulfill all of these orders, so that you can receive your t-shirt as soon as possible!

The outpouring of support for the Kyle family has been more than we could have ever anticipated. Unfortunately, this means there will be a few delays in processing and shipping your order. We are working around the clock to print, pack, and ship everyone their t-shirt(s) as quickly and efficiently as possible. We are currently anticipating delays to stretch anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks. This doesn't mean that your order will take this long to fulfill, but we want to let you know that it 'could'...

So stay patient my friends -- You are in very good hands, and we are here for you! Please continue to follow this blog. We will be making nightly posts to let you know the latest shipping information. Our next blog post will come from our VP to educate you on how to track your order, throughout the fulfillment process, and after it has shipped. 

Thank you!


  • Brad: August 15, 2014

    Outstanding job!!! You will always have my support.

  • Joe Sgroi: August 14, 2014

    Let me begin by THANKING YOUR ENTIRE ORGANIZATION (including the many volunteers) who have made this campaign a success. I received my red shirt last week and my two daughters complimented me on how good it looked on me and “how cool the shirt/skull is.” This morning I made a a decision to buy the black version because I wanted to do my part to ensure you/we achieve the $1m goal. God bless!

  • Greg swanberg: August 13, 2014

    I got my shirt in the mail and just ordered another for my wife. Don’t care about wait times just glad to help a good cause!

  • Jim: August 13, 2014

    I received my order today, and was rocking that shirt tonight. Thank you for what you’re doing!

  • Madalen Theiss: August 13, 2014

    Like others, I’m very happy to have the opportunity to help the Kyle family. The shirt is just a bonus, no matter when it gets to me. By the way, you need to add a “Buy the guys (and gals) a beer” option to the shopping cart ;) You deserve it! Until then, cheers to the staff and THANK YOU!!!!

  • Christine: August 13, 2014

    I, too, would like to thank Forged for doing this to help Taya and the kids. It’s disgusting to all of us that Jessie the poser stooped this low. But then, he also revealed to the masses his lack of character, and the reason why he is despised by all in the teams. I’m just a wife, but we all feel it when a family gets hit like this. Thank you thank you thank you.

  • payday: August 13, 2014


  • Phil: August 13, 2014

    I try to only wear apparel that has the forged stamp on it. Not only because it’s a great product , but because the meaning and the stand you guys take is so important behind the product. Great jod ( I would wait forever for the legend shirt)

  • Eagle: August 12, 2014

    I read that the funds will be personally handed to Taya Kyle, y’all should video it I would love to see her face receiving a (hopefully close to) 1 million dollar check. That would be worth more than the t-shirt.

  • Simon Madrid: August 11, 2014

    Yeah , don’t care when I get my shirts !!! Just happy you guys are doing this for the Kyle family !!
    For all you guys that worked your butts off to make this happen , thank you so much !!! You guys rock !!!! So moved by the support all around !!

  • Todd Ritter: August 11, 2014

    Hi I want to get a Chris Kyle t shirt. I was wondering what size to get. I’m 5’10" 173lbs. Not sure between a extra large or large? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks a lot and thank you for your sacrifices, such an amazing honor!

  • steve: August 10, 2014

    I’m not worried about tracking my order, more that Forged The Legend project exceeds the goal set and continues to be able more of our Service Men / Woman Heroes.

    Thank you. ( for all your efforts )

  • Kevin: August 10, 2014

    We all know we are in good hands with Forged. I didn’t order the shirt to complain about a longer delivery time. I ordered the shirt to support Taya Kyle.

  • Annette Stevens: August 10, 2014

    Personally, it doesn’t matter how long it takes to get my order. Of course I look forward to wearing my shirt, however I am thrilled that the response to this cause had been overwhelming. Take your time and God bless all of you for everything you are doing. ~Annette

  • Angi: August 09, 2014

    I was just wondering if there have been enough proceeds to cover what Mrs. Kyle owed from the lawsuit? Everybody wants to know! Thatnks

  • Janet Lawhorn: August 09, 2014

    My order was processed very quickly and I received my shirt today. Love it!! Fits great. Will be wearing during my volunteer work August 22-24th weekend at Rocking the Winds Wounded Warrior benefit in Crowheart, WY.
    Looking to order another shirt once it comes available. THANK YOU for all you are doing. Great job! JPL

  • Alison Pate: August 09, 2014

    Take as long as you need!! We are here for you as well!! Prayers and support for the Kyle family and the Forged family as well.

  • Nick Kuhio: August 09, 2014

    Thank you to EVERYONE involved in the process and may Chris Kyle’s family receive comfort in knowing the larger community is supporting them and appreciate Chris Kyle’s contribution and ultimate sacrifice.

  • Celeste : August 09, 2014

    What you are doing is tremendous. I don’t care if it takes 3 months. I’m happy to wait and enjoy my Legend tank when it arrives.
    Also if you have that Jacka$$ Ventura’s address…. I’d be happy to pay for a shirt and you can send it to him.

  • Chris Banks: August 09, 2014

    Honestly, I don’t care when the shirt comes in. I just wanted to do my part to support the Kyle family. I will proudly wear my shirt, whenever it gets here. Y’all are doing a great job, keep up the good work.

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